Meet Jordan Wolfson’s Alluring and Creepy Animatronic Sculptures

Piotr Policht 13 January 2017 min Read

Did you even wonder how art could look like in the age of AI and high-tech body enhancements? There’s a lot of sci-fi movies like Ex-machina, Ghost in the Shell or Blade Runner, that ask what being a person could mean in the world of sentient androids. And what about art? Today we’d like to show you two pieces by a brilliant young artist Jordan Wolfson that allows us to meet strangely life-like figures.

We’ve known art fascinated with machinery, including robots, since the beginning of the 20th century, and even some single earlier pieces. Automatons were already known for centuries. Performance art, on the other hand, made a person-as-an-artwork kind of ordinary view in the gallery. Wolfson’s animatronic sculptures are something in between.

Of course, sadly, video is no comparison to experiencing them in person, but it’s powerful enough to be worth watching. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to Female figure, dancing, witch-faced blonde beauty in skimpy outfit, and Colored sculpture, red-haired boy dangling on the chains.


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