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Marina Kochetkova

I like to explore how art changed our world and try to delve deeper into each artistic period. It is not only a work of art that fascinate me but also the lives of artists and their aspirations to bring meaning into the world.

    Stories By Marina Kochetkova

    • Chinese art

      The Growing Terracotta Army

      By January 22, 2020

      When people mention the terracotta army, the first thing that comes to mind is the phrase “the eighth wonder of the world”. It is a symbol of China’s thousands of years of culture. The First Emperor’s...

    • cranes hovering over the palace cranes hovering over the palace

      Chinese art

      Chinese Traditional Painting: Interesting Stories

      By January 2, 2020

      Traditional Chinese paintings are known for their distinctive style. When did Chinese painting begin and how to read it? What did it mean for the artists? Did they simply respond to and try to capture the...

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