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Making art out of anything – Christoph Niemann’s illustration

Christoph Niemann, Source: @abstractsunday


Making art out of anything – Christoph Niemann’s illustration

A pair of bananas could become a horse and a poppy seeds bun could be stubble being shaven – you never know with Christoph Niemann and his illustration.

Christoph Niemann abstract illustration

Christoph Niemann by Thomas Meyer source: Lufthansa Magazin


Christoph Niemann (b. 1970)  is an illustration superstar and one of the reasons why New Yorker’s covers are so beloved. He created dozens of covers for New Yorker, New York Times, Wired and many other magazines. Educated in Stuttgart, at the State Academy of Fine Arts.

Christoph Niemann - Thanksgiving illustration

Christoph Niemann – Thanksgiving, Source:

He was featured in the first episode of „Abstract – the art of design” – a series by Netflix, focusing on some of the most brilliant, creative minds alive, including Tinker Hatfield, Es Devlin and Bjarke Ingels.

Christoph Niemann - China illustration

Christoph Niemann – China, Source:


His illustrations are often critical of the current world, political situation or today’s society. Even though they’re light in their form, they always make oneself ask difficult questions about themselves and are technical masterpieces, showing Niemann’s untamed imagination and out-of-the-box thinking.

Christoph Niemann - Computer magazine illustration

Christoph Niemann – Computer, Source:

Christoph Niemann - General magazine illustration

Christoph Niemann – General Source:

Abstract Sunday illustration

You can find the works he creates in his free time, as a part of his project „Abstract Sunday”  on his Instagram and Facebook.

They are some of the best examples of what untamed imagination can create from everyday items when you look at them from a different perspective. 

Christoph Niemann - Avocado Baseball magazine illustration

Christoph Niemann, Avocado Baseball,  Source: @abstractsunday


Christoph Niemann, Camera, Source: @abstractsunday

Christoph Niemann - Shaving magazine illustration

Christoph Niemann, Shaving, Source: @abstractsunday

Christoph Niemann, Rolls Royce, Source: @abstractsunday


Christoph Niemann - Horse magazine illustration

Christoph Niemann, Horse, Source: @abstractsunday

Christoph Niemann, Bubble Wrap, Source: @abstractsunday

If you want to stay up-to-date with Niemann’s work check out his Instagram.

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