QUIZ: How Well Do You Know the Impressionists?

Candy Bedworth 10 July 2023

Impressionism is one of the most successful art movements of the 19th century. These artists were trying to capture a fleeting ‘impression’ of light, landscape, or people. In a radical upheaval of what had gone before, painting went from religious, historical, or mythological images, worked and re-worked to perfection to quick, realistic canvases with visible brush strokes. Here we have some of the most famous paintings in the world for you to test yourself with!


In 1865 a reviewer said of this painting: “Never has a painting received more laughter, mockery, and catcalls.” The artist Édouard Manet responded: “Insults are beating down on me like hail.” What was the title of this controversial work?

Impressionists: Photo of Édouard Manet.

Photo of Édouard Manet.