DailyArt App Turns 10!

Zuzanna Stańska 22 August 2022 min Read

Dear DailyArt Magazine Reader,

On August 22nd, 2012, on App Store and Google Play, we published the first version of the DailyArt app. This free iOS and Android app was supposed to enlighten people’s day with art. With it, we had one goal: to teach art history and deliver a small dose of beauty and inspiration daily. We wanted to make art history fun and exciting and to spread it everywhere. And we made it!

Of course, since 2012, the DailyArt app has changed a lot. It grew. Every month we now reach c.800,000 art lovers from most countries worldwide. In the beginning, we were only available in English; now, you can read DailyArt in 22 languages, with 500 translators working on our archival and upcoming dailyarts. For the past ten years, we have published over 3700 masterpieces created by 1200 artists from 570 museums. We focus more on non-Western art and have a mission to promote women artists and diversity, delivering the most fascinating and beautiful pieces of art from all over the world. Also, through all these years, it was natural for us to move in other directions to expand into new fields and media to share art history: this is how we created this DailyArt Magazine, as well as DailyArt Shop and DailyArt Courses. These initiatives are also a super important part of our work.

I honestly cannot believe all of this happened; in my wildest dreams, I never thought this tiny app would grow so much. But it happened, and we will continue our mission. I really hope that these ten years are only the beginning for us.

Thank you for being with us through all these years. We are honored we have such amazing readers. We would not be here without you. Thank you!

– Zuzanna Stanska & DailyArt Team

P.S. If you wish us well, please consider a donation for the new version of the DailyArt app. We need $ 100,000 to make it happen—and it will be amazing. Learn about our plans and how you can help us here. Once again, thank you for everything!!!

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