QUIZ Time! The Most Famous Animals in Art

Zuzanna Stańska 27 April 2024

Some artists loved to depict animals. And it is easy to understand why – they are an endless source of inspiration (especially the fluffy ones, like cats!). OK, not only cats, in art history you can find plenty of unexpected depictions of animals. But in this quiz, we will ask you questions about some absolutely classical depictions of animals in art. Have fun!

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The Lascaux cave paintings are one of Europe’s most extensive and complete examples of Paleolithic art. They include a dazzling assortment of images, including some 6,000 representations of animals, and among them, you will find this beautiful horse. When was it created?

animals in art quiz: Dun Horse, Lascaux cave, Montignac, France. AKG Images.

Dun Horse, Lascaux cave, Montignac, France. AKG Images.

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