QUIZ: Magnificent Muses! Can You Guess the Artists and People Who Inspired Them?

Candy Bedworth 6 April 2024

In Greek mythology, the muses were nine sister goddesses, patrons of the creative arts and a source of inspiration. A muse is far from a mere blank canvas, bringing emotion, energy, and power to art. They provide inspiration and sometimes even career-changing support – or money! They can be family, lovers, friends, and even artists in their own right. Explore the stories of famous art muses and their relationships with artists in our quiz!


Kiki de Montparnasse was an actress and singer who conquered the Parisian art and social scene in the 1920s. She was also an inspiring muse for many modern and surrealist artists and filmmakers. Who took this enigmatic photograph of the Queen of Montparnasse?

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