QUIZ: Feminist Art (That Changed the Art World)

Ania Kaczynska 25 May 2024

Since the 1970s, women’s art has steadily transcended the margins of the art world, moving into the mainstream of contemporary art discourse. Yet, even as strides have been made, inequalities persist for many. The 1970s emerged as a pivotal period in the feminist movement, challenging entrenched gender roles, inequalities, and societal norms. In the art world, this era gave rise to a powerful and diverse range of feminist artists who used their creativity to address issues of identity, sexuality, politics, and representation.

In this quiz, we will explore the works and contributions of some pioneering feminist artists from the 1970s. Through their innovative approaches to art-making, these artists reshaped the landscape of contemporary art and paved the way for future generations of feminist artists.


Who famously created The Dinner Party, an iconic piece of feminist art that celebrates women’s history and achievements?

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