DailyArt Birthday Quiz: Who Painted the Party? Awesome Parties in Art History

Ledys Chemin 18 August 2023

It’s 7th birthday of DailyArt Magazine and 11th birthday of our DailyArt App! Here is a quiz to celebrate—Who painted the party? Discover some awesome parties in art history! We would love to celebrate in a giant party with all of you and toast to art and friendship! Alas, we cannot do that but we can take a journey together through some fabulous parties the masters have left us. Here’s to DailyArt, and to each of you—thank you for making this space what it has become, and here’s to many more years of art and connection! And now, on to the challenge… Can you guess the artists who immortalized these epic parties?



Who painted The King Drinks?

parties in art: The King Drinks

The King Drinks