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David Bowie, from Popstar to Neo-expressionist Painter

By January 23, 2020

Most people know David Bowie as a popstar and performer, but do...

Chinese art

The Growing Terracotta Army

By January 22, 2020

When people mention the terracotta army, the first thing that comes to...

  • Artists' Stories

    Afro-American Artists Arm in Arm: Charles White and Kerry J. Marshall

    By January 3, 2020

    Last month the auction house Sotheby’s sold Kerry James Marshall’s painting Vignette 19 for $16 million. That’s a lot of money for a work by a living artist. But last year the same artist did even better. In May...

  • cranes hovering over the palace cranes hovering over the palace

    Chinese art

    Chinese Traditional Painting: Interesting Stories

    By January 2, 2020

    Traditional Chinese paintings are known for their distinctive style. When did Chinese painting begin and how to read it? What did it mean for the artists? Did they simply respond to and try to capture the world around...

  • Art State of Mind

    Artsy New Year’s Resolutions

    By January 1, 2020

    Do you also try to change your life when the New Year approaches? Quitting smoking, finding a girlfriend/boyfriend, going on a diet, starting a business or changing a job… The list is endless and this is why I...

  • Art State of Mind

    Welcoming the Twenties with Tamara de Lempicka

    By December 31, 2019

    Today I am taking you to a New Year’s Eve party. This year, like every year, we hope that the year coming will be better. But hearing that the twenties are coming somehow the picture of the 1920s...

  • Sport And Entertainment

    Ice Skating in Painting

    By December 30, 2019

    Yesterday I went to the ice rink and I realized again how fun it is to slide and feel light again (or very heavy when you fall). So I thought it would be fun to review this sport...

  • Painting of the Week

    Painting of the Week: Ford Madox Brown, The Last of England

    By December 29, 2019

    Out of the cold English air comes a man tired from a hard day’s work. He enters his home where his loving wife waits with a hot meal to warm his cold body. They sit in the dining...

  • Renaissance

    Titian’s Diana and Actaeon (Metamorphoses VI)

    By December 28, 2019

    In a series of articles we are meeting each of the seven Poesies, which Titian delivered Phillip II of Spain in the 1550s and early 1560s. So far we have encountered the stories of Danaë, Venus and Adonis, Perseus...

  • 20th century

    The Joy of Lucian Freud. The Self-portraits

    By December 27, 2019

    Lucian Freud (1922-2011) is regarded as the pre-eminent British figurative painter of the last sixty years. Francis Bacon, two decades older, and David Hockney, a decade younger, are his main rivals. For years I hated Freud’s paintings of...

  • Food

    Hot Chocolate Paintings for a Cozy Evening

    By December 26, 2019

    Although December has been extremely warm this year I still crave a good old hot chocolate and a cozy evening under the blankets. The Gift for Strangers Chocolate means ‘Food of the Gods’ and although all social classes...

  • Special Occasion And News

    It’s Christmas! See Art’s Best Nativity Scenes

    By December 25, 2019

    Merry Christmas to you all! Whether you believe in God or just in Art, DailyArt Magazine team wants to wish you a wonderful time spent with your loved ones. To celebrate, we’re showing you all the nativity scenes you...

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