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  • Renaissance

    The Darkness Of Titian’s Late Paintings

    By February 25, 2017

    Titian had a long life. According to scholars he must have been 78 or 80 years old when he died. That was considered a miracle in an age when most people died before they were 40. At the end of his life his works...

  • Artists' Stories

    Titian’s Women Who Are In Fact The Same Woman

    By August 28, 2016

    Titian had it all. He was so talented that people called him after Dante’s Paradiso “The sun amidst small stars”. He knew how to paint landscapes, still lifes, human figures, animals. He was also a master of portraits as he perfectly rendered the deepest...

  • TFC_Bellini_19151003_2000 cover TFC_Bellini_19151003_2000 cover


    Masterpieces from the Frick Collection

    By July 12, 2020

    The Frick Collection in New York is one of my favorite art museums! In honor of DailyArt Magazine’s July 2020 collaboration with this illustrious institution, enjoy ten of its most celebrated masterpieces. The Flagellation of Christ by Cimabue Cimabue’s small panel painting...

  • Abstraction

    VIPs… or VICs (Very Important Colors)? Iconic Hues in Art History

    By July 11, 2020

    Every person probably dreams of leaving a legacy to the world. For artists this is a central goal and they try to do it through their masterpieces of course. Some people even went further though… They gave their name to a hue!...

  • Animals

    The Lady with the Dog

    By July 4, 2020

    The Lady with the Dog is a title that I borrowed from Chekhov’s short story. It is a story of an affair, however, in art the dog quite often has been a symbol of fidelity. As you will also see below, dogs...

  • Art State of Mind

    10 Ways to Spend the Summer, Inspired by Art

    By June 24, 2020

    Art suggests and indicates many things to a perceptive viewer. We believe it can also be the perfect ‘influencer’ when it comes to current trends, lifestyles, and activities. The many changes we have had to face since the arrival of COVID-19 might...

  • dailyart

    Carnations in Art

    By June 15, 2020

    Carnations have been called the flower of the gods and have a long history that dates back thousands of years. This beautiful flower has many meanings and stories associated with it in different corners of the world.  For example, some of its significant...

  • dailyart

    Five Women Artists Whose Works Were Misattributed to Men

    By May 26, 2020

    “Why have there been no great female artists?” continues to be a question that pops up all too often. The response can be succinctly summarized like this: female artists have existed for centuries, but we just haven’t been aware of them. There...

  • Art State of Mind

    The Benefits of Visiting a Museum

    By May 18, 2020

    During the current coronavirus lockdown, when all the art we see is digital, we can reflect on that which we took for granted before. There are so many benefits to visiting a museum. But what is it that makes us visit museums...

  • Bodies And Erotic Art

    Female Nude Codes in Painting From Giorgione’s Venus to Odalisques and Olympias

    By May 5, 2020

    Museums are filled with paintings of nude women. It is a very codified practice that has changed over the ages. Giorgione’s Sleeping Venus inspired many artists; and, through their representations of Venus, artists created a pattern. This pattern evolved along with time;...

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