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Goodbye to Christo

By June 6, 2020

Christo, I hope you will be wrapping up heavens. Below we’re sharing...

Artists' Stories

Photos of Famous Artists When They Were Kids

By June 5, 2020

Sometimes it is hard to remember that famous artists were also children...

  • Seasons

    Birdies, Flowers and Virgins: Real Meanings Of Spring In Art

    By March 28, 2017

    Spring is my favourite season and it seems to be a favourite season of many artists throughout history. Is it for its blossoming flowers, singing birds and longer days? Or is it rather for its many symbolic connotations,...

  • 20th century

    Watch Francis Bacon Talking About Brutality of Fact

    By March 27, 2017

    Francis Bacon and brutality – two words that matches perfectly together. Bacon (1909 – 1992) was an Irish figurative painter known for his bold, grotesque and raw imagery. He was very interested in creating imagery that people would...

  • Painting of the Week

    Paul Gauguin, The Yellow Christ

    By March 26, 2017

    Yellow Christ is a painting created by Paul Gauguin in 1889 in Pont-Aven. Now it is owned by Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Pont-Aven was a very important place for Gauguin’s oeuvre. He first visited it in 1886 and became fascinated...

  • Artists' Stories

    Gustav Klimt And Emilie Flöge – The Everlasting Friendship

    By March 25, 2017

    Gustav Klimt and Emilie Flöge were inseparable for years. Although it was never proven that there was something romantic between the two of them the story of their relationship (friendship only?) lasted for 27 years, until Klimt’s death. Klimt...

  • Ancient Egypt

    Blue Faience Hippopotamuses Of The World, UNITE!

    By March 24, 2017

    Blue faience hippopotamus was a popular statuette in Ancient Egyptian art. Some times ago in our app DailyArt we have presented such a blue faience hippopotamus from Metropolitan Museum of Art. Hippos were frequently the subject of ancient...

  • Bodies And Erotic Art

    Lesbianism in Art? Warning: Erotic Scenes In Abundance

    By March 23, 2017

    Ever wondered about the presence of homosexuality in art? Today we’ll travel a bit in time to see how art treated the subject of lesbianism. Of course, there aren’t that many representations of homosexuals as of the heterosexuals,...

  • Museums And Exhibitions

    If You Love Pre-Raphaelite Art You Must Know This Museum

    By March 22, 2017

    For all Pre-Raphaelite fans England is an obvious pilgrimage site. But United States has also something great to offer. Delaware Art Museum in the city of Wilmington has long boasted the largest and most significant collection of Pre-Raphaelite...

  • Painting of the Week

    7 Things You Didn’t Know About Primavera by Botticelli

    By March 21, 2017

    Primavera by Sandro Botticelli is one of the most famous paintings of the Renaissance. Its fame rests not just on its visual appeal but on the tangled story behind it and its unfathomable symbolism. Here are 7 things...

  • Artists' Stories

    Venice In The Eyes Of Claude Monet

    By March 20, 2017

    Claude Monet fell in love with Venice the first time he saw it. He was 68 years old and he went for a trip with his wife, Alice Hoschedé. Venice’s light and colors seduced the painter, like many...

  • Fashion

    Edgar Degas And The Paris Milliners

    By March 18, 2017

    When we think of Edgar Degas, we see his depictions of ballet dancers, nude bathers and racetracks. But Degas had another favorite subject – the milliners. Degas was enthralled by high-fashion hats and the women who created them. Paul...

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