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Vasily Vereshchagin – Journey through India

By February 25, 2020

Vasily Vereshchagin was a notable Russian solider, artist and writer in the...

Museums And Exhibitions

Around the world with the National Portrait Gallery – P.5 Europe

By February 24, 2020

The National Portrait Gallery in London is due to close its doors...

  • 21st century

    Having A Post-Election Trauma? This Art Is For You

    By November 10, 2016

    Yesterday I felt that the only suitable subject for today’s post could be “Last Judgements in art” or “Depictions of the end of the world”. However, now I think that it’s better if I share with you paintings...

  • Middle Ages

    Dancing With Skeletons (Danse Macabre)

    By November 9, 2016

    Danse macabre – a weird dance of people and skeletons. You could think that it is some kind of a scene from a horror movie. But surprisingly, it is a medieval allegorical concept of the all-conquering and equalizing...

  • 21st century

    Paintings For The US Election Day 2016

    By November 8, 2016

    Remember, remember, the 8th of November… Uh, it’s today, that important date which is going to decide about the situation in the United States and subsequently in the entire world. To inspire those who are still hesitating whether to...

  • Sculpture

    Antonio Canova-The Minister Of Beauty

    By November 7, 2016

    Antonio Canova was considered the greatest sculptor of his time. His sculptures fall into three categories: Heroic compositions, compositions of grace, and sepulchral monuments. In each of these, Canova’s underlying artistic motivations were to challenge, if not compete, with classical...

  • 20th century

    Painting Of The Week – René Magritte, The Treachery of Images

    By November 6, 2016

    As you can see, this painting shows a pipe. Underneath it there is a French sentence explaining, that “This is not a pipe”. You may ask – what the hell is going on here? René Magritte, the Belgian surrealist painter...

  • Artists' Stories

    8 Best Selfies From Art History

    By November 5, 2016

    Whoever criticizes the fashion of selfies, must have forgotten that selfies have existed for a really loooooooong time in painting. Here comes a curious and less obvious selection of a few of them: 1. Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo, one of...

  • Special Occasion And News

    We Are Looking For Contributors!

    By November 4, 2016

    Dear Reader, if you like writing short texts about art history or contemporary art, know something about art – you’ve studied it, been on some courses, or you have just been a huge art aficionado since you remember...

  • 20th century

    Henri Matisse’s Cut-Outs

    By November 3, 2016

    Coping with the difficulties of old age and illness in the years following World War II, Matisse nonetheless produced some of the most vibrant and dynamic works of his career. The artists turned almost exclusively to cut paper...

  • Latin American Art

    Party With Skulls And Skeletons: Day of The Dead in Mexico

    By November 2, 2016

    Heaven and earth are never this close as today. Today, 2nd of November is the Day of the Dead, when spirits come to earth to meet their relatives and eat and drink with them. At least this is...

  • Seasons

    All Saints Day With A Twist

    By November 1, 2016

    First of November for many of the people looks like this: Typical 1st of November Ok, maybe not sooooo dramatic. But the fact is, people go to the cemeteries, leave a candle at their relatives’ graves, pray. The...

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