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Women Artists

5 Greek Female Artists You Should Know

By July 8, 2020

The debate around the position of women in art is going even...

Middle Ages

Danse Macabre: Dancing with Skeletons

By July 7, 2020

Danse Macabre (Dance of Death) – a weird dance between people and...

  • 20th century

    Luisa Casati: The Living Work of Art

    By July 7, 2017

    Woman who outraged and inspired people of her times, who was a symbol of the Belle Epoque and a muse to her-contemporary artists. She owned palaces all over Italy but died indebted and alone in London. Meet the...

  • Seasons

    Top 4 Summer Destinations From Art

    By July 6, 2017

    Are you still undecided on where to go to for your vacation? Have you visited all the summer destinations from our last year’s list and are looking for inspiration? Here comes the selection of artsy places you can...

  • Artists' Stories

    A Strange Story of Andy Warhol And Plastic Surgeries

    By July 5, 2017

    Andy Warhol’s love-affair with plastic surgery is no secret. He’s known for having said: ‘I love Los Angeles. I love Hollywood. They’re so beautiful. Everything’s plastic, but I love plastic. I want to be plastic’ To be honest,...

  • Artists' Stories

    Salvador Dali’s Body To Be Exhumed For Paternity Test

    By July 4, 2017

    A Spanish court has ordered the remains of Salvador Dalí to be exhumed in an attempt to extract DNA for a paternity claim from a woman born in 1956. The woman, Pilar Abel, a tarot card reader and fortune...

  • 20th century

    Why You May Not Have Heard of Clyfford Still

    By July 3, 2017

    Abstract Expressionism is an American movement that included artists such as Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, and Willem de Kooning. While you probably have heard of these artists, have you heard of Clyfford Still? He is acknowledged for being...

  • Painting of the Week

    Gustav Klimt, Adele Bloch-Bauer I

    By July 2, 2017

    This portrait also known as Lady in Gold is one of two formal portraits that Gustav Klimt made of Adele Bloch-Bauer, an important patron of the artist. Adele was the wife of a wealthy industrialist in Vienna where...

  • Painting of the Week

    The Mystery Of Durer’s Magic Square

    By July 1, 2017

    Albrecht Dürer’s in his famous engraving Melencolia I showed many weird things. Among them is a magic square, a best-known and most enigmatic, with magic constant 34. The engraving shows a disorganized jumble of scientific equipment lying unused...

  • 20th century

    Picasso’s Beach Body, Baby and Capa’s Camera

    By June 30, 2017

    Summer’s hooooooooot! I dream of going to the beach instead of studying for my exams so I’ve decided to take a short break and dive into the Mediterreanean sea together with a painter who just adored going to...

  • 20th century

    Is Grace Jones’s Image Art?

    By June 29, 2017

    Hey, music fans, yet another post for you! I’m sure you’ve heard Libertango and know its author, Grace Jones, who was a music legend of the 70s and 80s (her animated music videos featuring fantastic collages sweep off the...

  • Museums And Exhibitions

    What Happens When One Of The Most Impressive Impressionist Collection Arrives To Paris

    By June 28, 2017

    If you have never heard of the Bridgestone Museum in Tokyo and you are fan of Impressionism – it’s high time to learn more about it. The museum, was created by the founder of Bridgestone company, Shojiro Ishibashi. Mr. Ishibashi...

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