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  • Time For Golf! Golf Paintings

    By July 23, 2020

    I used to live in St. Andrews, a small town in Scotland which is a legendary cradle of golf in the UK. Once, when I was strolling on a golf course, I wondered whether there were any golf...

  • Modern Sports Played in Ancient China

    By July 22, 2020

    The history of Chinese sports can be traced back over thousands of years, revealing many achievements, innovations, and surprises. We think about some of the sports as modern, however, they were played in ancient China. For example, the...

  • Art History Reveals: Women in Sport

    By July 20, 2020

    With sport considered as a male activity throughout history, it is no surprise that the history of art follows this same ideology. However, a rare few paintings reveal a reversal of these roles and show women participating. Manet’s...

  • Lockdown Artsy Entertainment Toolkit

    By March 21, 2020

    Initially the idea of a lock-down and extended opportunity to work from home may look a tiny bit appealing. No more commuting, no more dressing up for the office, if your webcam isn’t too good you can forget...

  • Charles Fazzino – Superbowl’s Officially Licensed Artist

    By February 2, 2020

    America’s biggest sporting event has its own official artist!  Charles Fazzino is a gifted artist from New York, best known for his incredibly detailed contemporary pop art. His unique three-dimensional artworks are exhibited and sold in art shows,...

  • Ice Skating in Painting

    By December 30, 2019

    Yesterday I went to the ice rink and I realized again how fun it is to slide and feel light again (or very heavy when you fall). So I thought it would be fun to review this sport...

  • All about Sailing in Painting

    By August 20, 2019

    I’ve sailed only once or twice in my whole life but I can still remember the empowering feeling of liberation that I felt when on the water. Sailing and sailboats have been a common topic taken up by...

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