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  • Characters of Beatrix Potter Characters of Beatrix Potter

    A Lesson in Illustration – The Whimsical Characters of Beatrix Potter

    By March 25, 2019

    Beatrix Potter, best known for the charming tale of Peter Rabbit, inspired the minds of budding young novelists and illustrators alike. Her most distinguishable artistic traits are well known to be the whimsical anthropomorphism that her stories surround. Stories involving...

  • Moondance. Full Moon in Painting

    By March 21, 2019

    This week sees the Vernal Equinox, when those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere start to tilt towards the sun. The days begin to get longer, and Spring beckons. At the same time we get a...

  • Dogs in Paintings Dogs in Paintings

    See a Man About a Dog. Dogs in Paintings

    By March 6, 2019

    The title sentence is one of the charming English euphemisms, usually used to apologize for one’s imminent departure or absence—generally to conceal one’s true purpose, such as going to use the toilet or going to buy a drink....

  • Keep Eating and Never Regret: Fat Thursday 2019

    By February 28, 2019

    Doughnuts, doughnuts… who wouldn’t be tempted by one freshly out of the bakery, covered in sweet coating and with a warm, creamy filling… Aaaaah… People dieting- no talk of calories or fats, you’re forbidden entry to today’s Fat...

  • Arenig School Arenig School

    Arenig School. Wild Bohemians and Welsh Mountains

    By February 19, 2019

    A rollicking adventure with the Arenig School of automatic painting starring Augustus John, James Dickson Innes and Derwent Lees. Arenig Fawr is a majestic mountain in Snowdonia in Wales. Between 1911 and 1913 three unconventional artists lived and...

  • 2019: Year of the Pig and Pigs in Painting

    By January 4, 2019

    According to the Chinese zodiac, 2019 is the year closing the twelve-year lunar calendar cycle. It’s named after the Pig because according to the mythology, it was the last guest to arrive when the Jade Emperor (i.e. first god) or...

  • Russian Winter in Konstantin Korovin’s Eyes

    By December 20, 2018

    If one thinks of winter in Russia, one usually imagines loads of snow, fur hats, and hip flasks filled with some warming drink… What was winter like to one of the most famous Russian Impressionists, Konstantin Korovin (1861–1939)?...

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