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Pola Otterstein

is a fifth-year student towards her Master of Journalism degree, yet art has always been one of her biggest interests. She especially admires Impressionism, Postimpressionism as well as Realism. As a result, she can never get enough of museums, and therefore loves to travel the world.

    Stories By Pola Otterstein

    • Religious Art

      All Saints Day In Famous Paintings

      By November 2, 2017

      All Saints Day, celebrated yesterday is also known as Hallowmas or Feast of All Saints. Occurring on November 1st of each year, it is a significant religious date in the calendar celebrated by Christians in memory...

    • 20th century

      Living In The Shadow – Marie and Peder Severin Krøyer

      By October 26, 2017

      Marie and Peder Severin Krøyer were a 19th to early 20th century couple, and while their marriage and lives were far from ideal, history judged them both to have been notable painters. When Peder Severin Krøyer met...

    • History

      William Hogarth – Marriage à-la-mode

      By October 17, 2017

      The 18th century British painter William Hogarth created an insightful series of paintings about the arranged marriages of his times, entitled Marriage à-la-mode. William Hogarth – Marriage à-la-mode – takes us into the unholy world of...

    • Artists' Stories

      Montmartre – The Home to Many Inspirations

      By October 12, 2017

      Montmartre – the home to many inspirations was and still is the most artistic district of Paris. It is also known as the “heart of the city” and it surely doesn’t need to be introduced to...

    • Museums And Exhibitions

      El Greco to Goya – Spanish Masterpieces

      By October 5, 2017

      The noteworthy painting Portrait of Juan Antonio Melendez Valdes – created in 1797 by Francisco de Goya – is currently on display as part of an exhibition entitled El Greco to Goya – Spanish Masterpieces from The...

    • Impressionism

      The Best Landscape Paintings to Greet Autumn

      By September 28, 2017

      Now that summer is officially over, looking through the window in many places is all about rain and clouds. To inspire us with the more beautiful aspects of the season, why not remind ourselves of some...

    • Artists' Stories

      Iris van Herpen – Transforming Fashion

      By September 23, 2017

      A young and promising designer from Holland, Iris van Herpen is known for the eclectic ideas that guide her as she experiments with textiles and sews unusual materials and themes into the clothes she creates. Undeniably...

    • 20th century

      Suzy Solidor – The Most Painted Woman in the World

      By September 18, 2017

      Born in 1900, Suzanne Louise Marie Marion, known as Suzy Solidor was a French artist who sang and acted in movies, but over time she became most famous ostensibly for being the most painted woman and...

    • Impressionism

      Cézanne’s Postimpressionist Portraits At The Musée d’Orsay

      By September 12, 2017

      Paul Cézanne was a French artist widely acknowledged for bridging the late years of Impressionism and the early years of Postimpressionism. Cézanne’s Postimpressionist portraits number over 200, around 60 of which are currently on display at...

    • Artists' Stories

      5 Greatest Baroque Painters And Their Work

      By September 5, 2017

      Rubens, Caravaggio, Velázquez, Rembrandt and Poussin – these are the names of the 5 greatest Baroque painters of the 16th and 17th centuries, a period during which rich colors and a wide range of individualistic styles...

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