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Magda Michalska

Magda, art historian and Italianist, she writes about art because she cannot make it herself. She loves committed and political artists like Ai Weiwei or the Futurists; like Joseph Beuys she believes that art can change us and we can change the world.

    Stories By Magda Michalska

    • Animals

      It’s a Dog’s Life According to Cassius Marcellus Coolidge

      By August 26, 2016

      Have you ever imagined a world dominated by animals? Have you read Orwell’s Animal Farm and wondered what it would be like to live in such a world? Well, then brace yourselves for Cassius Marcellus Coolidge’s...

    • 20th century

      More Than Fifty Shades of Grey In The Grey Life Of Romaine Brooks

      By August 25, 2016

      WARNING: If you cannot digest sad stories about childhood, stop reading now. It won’t get better in adulthood, so if you don’t like such stories either, just click here to look at calm views of Mount Fuji instead. The...

    • Sculpture

      5 Fleshy Sculptures That Could Come To Life

      By August 22, 2016

      The debate about the supremacy of painting over sculpture or the other way around has been around for centuries. Everything started already in the Renaissance and the question has remained unsettled until this day – what is...

    • Artists' Stories

      Rembrandt And His Saddest Love Story

      By August 21, 2016

      You know Rembrandt and his portraits in hats. You know his biblical scenes and his views of Amsterdam. You could recognize his style from afar. But do you know his saddest love story which considerably impacted on his...

    • Just Weird

      Religious Ecstasies And All That Jazz

      By August 20, 2016

      If you think that searching for better and reinforced experience of reality is something modern, you’re wrong. Saints proved long ago that you don’t need drugs, alcohol or any other substances affecting your perception in order...

    • Just Weird

      Can You Beat This Beard? – Bearded Paintings From Art History

      By August 16, 2016

      Beards are back. Again. And it seems that this time it’s not just a mere fashion which will pass after one season. This time beards will stay around for longer and with them all the barber...

    • Women Artists

      Meet Georgia O’Keeffe In Person

      By August 13, 2016

      Have you heard of Jimson Weed/White Flower No. 1? No? Well, it’s the most expensive painting by a female painter ever sold at auction ($44,405,000 at Sotheby’s American Art sale in 2014). It’s author Georgia O’Keeffe is considered the...

    • Ancient Egypt

      Man, Woman or Both? Meet Akhenaten, The Only Androgenous Pharaoh

      By August 10, 2016

      If you thought that ancient Egypt had always been only about large pantheon of gods, solid and emotionless sculptures and masculine pharaohs only, have a look at this short episode from Egyptian history, when people looked...

    • 20th century

      Chagall And The Coloured Glass

      By August 9, 2016

      When I went to see Reims cathedral last summer, I didn’t expect to find Marc Chagall’s stained glass windows in the centuries old church. Fascinated by this fusion of tradition and modernity, I decided to investigate...

    • Artists' Stories

      A Perfect Andy Warhol’s Birthday Party

      By August 6, 2016

      Andy Warhol would have turned 88 today and would have probably thrown a giant party, since his Factory attracted country’s socialites, drag queens, drug addicts, actors, musicians and geniuses. They made art, love and … tones of...

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