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Magda Michalska

Magda, art historian and Italianist, she writes about art because she cannot make it herself. She loves committed and political artists like Ai Weiwei or the Futurists; like Joseph Beuys she believes that art can change us and we can change the world.

    Stories By Magda Michalska

    • Artists' Stories

      8 Best Selfies From Art History

      By November 5, 2016

      Whoever criticizes the fashion of selfies, must have forgotten that selfies have existed for a really loooooooong time in painting. Here comes a curious and less obvious selection of a few of them: 1. Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo,...

    • Latin American Art

      Party With Skulls And Skeletons: Day of The Dead in Mexico

      By November 2, 2016

      Heaven and earth are never this close as today. Today, 2nd of November is the Day of the Dead, when spirits come to earth to meet their relatives and eat and drink with them. At least...

    • Seasons

      All Saints Day With A Twist

      By November 1, 2016

      First of November for many of the people looks like this: Typical 1st of November Ok, maybe not sooooo dramatic. But the fact is, people go to the cemeteries, leave a candle at their relatives’ graves,...

    • Just Weird

      TOP 10 Paintings For Halloween

      By October 31, 2016

      Are still looking for some costume-inspiration? What about painterly theme this year? Or maybe you just like to get scared? We offer you our Halloween ranking of the scariest paintings art history has seen… 10. 9....

    • Art Nouveau

      The Drunk Art History: Absinthe

      By October 28, 2016

      Have you ever wondered why there are so many paintings of people drinking absinthe in the history of art? Well, I have. I realized it must have been a favourite drink of the Parisian boheme in...

    • Just Weird

      Wunderkammer- A Universe In Your Closet

      By October 27, 2016

      How would you feel if you found a mummified crocodile in your best friend’s room? Well, pretty awkward I guess, although I imagine that you’ve seen worst if you’ve ever lived in a boarding school or college accommodation…...

    • Symbolism

      Jacek Malczewski’s Dates With Death

      By October 24, 2016

      Recently we’ve been really into Symbolism, I guess it’s for this autumnish vibe in the air. Today will be no different, we want to show you somebody from Poland, a fascinating painter whose Symbolist paintings still...

    • 20th century

      Sonia Delaunay and Clothing: Geometry Is In Fashion

      By October 21, 2016

      Sonia Delaunay was a busy woman.  She was an officer of the French Legion of Honor, a wife of a famous painter (that’s already tough) and an artist herself. On top of that she was a fashion...

    • Artists' Stories

      Diego Rivera’s Life In Portraits

      By October 18, 2016

      Diego Rivera is mostly famous for his controversial mural for the Rockefeller family and for being the husband of Frida Kahlo. Yet in his times, he was the more famous one in their marriage, and definitely...

    • Architecture

      About A Bad Guy Who Commissioned A Chapel To Save His Soul

      By October 17, 2016

      Ciao ragazzi! Saluti from Italy! (Zuza is here too, but in a different place, so DailyArtDaily has basically invaded the country!). I’m doing Erasmus in Padova, so for this reason you’ll probably be hearing more about Italian artists...

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