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Magda Michalska

Magda, art historian and Italianist, she writes about art because she cannot make it herself. She loves committed and political artists like Ai Weiwei or the Futurists; like Joseph Beuys she believes that art can change us and we can change the world.

    Stories By Magda Michalska

    • 20th century

      Christo and Jeanne Claude- With Love Through Art

      By July 28, 2017

      If two people are born on precisely same day, they must be destined to meet. He was Bulgarian, she was French. They met when he was called in to paint a portrait of her mother. They...

    • Artists' Stories

      Scandalous Rodin, Bathrobe and Some Phallic Imagery

      By July 27, 2017

      One of the greatest French novelists dies. One of the greatest French sculptors is commissioned to raise him a monument. Yet instead of presenting him in magnificence at the writing desk, he shows him in a bathrobe… Such...

    • Bodies And Erotic Art

      Male Homosexuality in Western Art

      By July 17, 2017

      As Malta votes to legalize same-sex marriage, I decide to unearth again the topic of homosexuality in Western art. Since last time I wrote about lesbianism, today it’s time for male homosexuality. Ready? Ancient Education Warren...

    • Ancient Rome

      Ancient Bikini Girls

      By July 16, 2017

      If you ever wondered when the history of bikini began, it started exactly at the same place in history as philosophy, mathematics and art: with the ancient! The Roman mosaics found in Sicily prove that women...

    • 20th century

      Luisa Casati: The Living Work of Art

      By July 7, 2017

      Woman who outraged and inspired people of her times, who was a symbol of the Belle Epoque and a muse to her-contemporary artists. She owned palaces all over Italy but died indebted and alone in London....

    • Seasons

      Top 4 Summer Destinations From Art

      By July 6, 2017

      Are you still undecided on where to go to for your vacation? Have you visited all the summer destinations from our last year’s list and are looking for inspiration? Here comes the selection of artsy places...

    • 20th century

      Picasso’s Beach Body, Baby and Capa’s Camera

      By June 30, 2017

      Summer’s hooooooooot! I dream of going to the beach instead of studying for my exams so I’ve decided to take a short break and dive into the Mediterreanean sea together with a painter who just adored...

    • 20th century

      Is Grace Jones’s Image Art?

      By June 29, 2017

      Hey, music fans, yet another post for you! I’m sure you’ve heard Libertango and know its author, Grace Jones, who was a music legend of the 70s and 80s (her animated music videos featuring fantastic collages sweep...

    • Bodies And Erotic Art

      Looking For Hot Renaissance Boys?

      By June 20, 2017

      Then look no further! If you need a sight of some muscular bodies, don’t go to the beach this year, but book yourself a ticket to the Sistine Chapel where these hot Renaissance boys are waiting...

    • Artists' Stories

      Isolation, Death, Femininity in Francesca Woodman’s Photographs

      By June 15, 2017

      This is going to be a story of beauty, depression and an underappreciated genius which untimely came to an end. Brace yourselves for an unhappy ending and the black-and-white world of Francesca Woodman’s photographs. Old farms Francesca was...

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