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Magda Michalska

Magda, art historian and Italianist, she writes about art because she cannot make it herself. She loves committed and political artists like Ai Weiwei or the Futurists; like Joseph Beuys she believes that art can change us and we can change the world.

Stories By Magda Michalska

  • 20th century

    Modigliani’s 100 Years Old Nudes

    By May 17, 2017

    Amedeo Modigliani has always been one of my favourite portraitists: for his delicate lines with which he masterfully rendered the deepest depths of sitters’ souls, their inner mysteries hidden in the almond-shaped eyes. Many people sat...

  • Artists' Stories

    Happy Mother’s Day! Famous Mothers in Art

    By May 14, 2017

    Mummy, Mama, Mom, Mum, Mami… So many names for these wonderful women who care for us and love us more than anything else in the world. To honour their holiday, Mother’s Day, we want to present...

  • 21st century

    Cindy Sherman vs Old Masters

    By May 8, 2017

    Time for a little quiz for all those who consider themselves the experts in Old Masters! We will show you photographs made by Cindy Sherman, a contemporary American photographer, which reference famous portraits from art history. Ready?...

  • Religious Art

    Why Is She So Hairy? Iconography of Mary Magdalene

    By April 29, 2017

    I had always asked myself this question when I came across the Gothic or early Renaissance representations of Mary Magdalene such as this: WHY IS SHE SO HAIRY? We should start the story from the beginning:...

  • 20th century

    Are You Into Illusions? Oops, It’s Op Art again!

    By April 22, 2017

    Ever been to an optometrist? Then you probably know these graphic cards which check whether you are colour blind. I remember how stressed I always felt to do them right. Well, Op Art, that is Optical...

  • Food

    What An Egg! Easter Egg Art Edition

    By April 16, 2017

    Egg – the symbol of life, the victory over death, new beginnings and recoveries. And one of those gracious subjects in art which seems to be an endless inspiration for the artists. If you don’t know what do...

  • Religious Art

    Crucifixions, Bones and Gruesome Bodies

    By April 15, 2017

    Easter is coming! But before the happy celebration and dancing with bunnies in the garden, Christians go through a Triduum, a three day period including Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday which remind of Jesus’...

  • Bodies And Erotic Art

    Art Models XXL? No Photoshop Allowed!

    By April 7, 2017

    The recent row over the Cannes poster featuring a famous actress Claudia Cardinale, who was slimmed with photoshop by poster designers made me think about our perception of beauty and ideal body size. A reflection that we...

  • Seasons

    Birdies, Flowers and Virgins: Real Meanings Of Spring In Art

    By March 28, 2017

    Spring is my favourite season and it seems to be a favourite season of many artists throughout history. Is it for its blossoming flowers, singing birds and longer days? Or is it rather for its many...

  • Bodies And Erotic Art

    Lesbianism in Art? Warning: Erotic Scenes In Abundance

    By March 23, 2017

    Ever wondered about the presence of homosexuality in art? Today we’ll travel a bit in time to see how art treated the subject of lesbianism. Of course, there aren’t that many representations of homosexuals as of...

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