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This is our guest profile for occasional authors. If you have an interesting story about art to tell, send it to our Editor-in-chief Kate at kate@dailyartmagazine.com. You might be the next here!

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    • Art State of Mind

      The Origin of the World and the Female Gaze

      By September 28, 2020

      It was Shakespeare who coined the phrase, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. The premise rests on the notion that the rose’s inherent beauty and olfactory prowess would remain unchanged no matter...

    • 19th Century

      The Erotic Potential of The Temptation of St. Anthony

      By September 11, 2020

      Christianity has brought many popular topics to art over the centuries, yet the interpretation of a religious motif can drastically change depending on the artist and the period. This is especially evident in the 19th century,...

    • Architecture

      In Search of the Round Table: Arthurian Wall Paintings

      By September 8, 2020

      The Great Hall of Winchester Castle is all that remains of the Medieval castle constructed by William the Conqueror in the years following the Battle of Hastings. In the thirteenth century, Henry III built there one...

    • Art State of Mind

      Rethinking the Word Muse in the Arts

      By September 3, 2020

      The word “muse” has generally a very positive connotation. People, commonly women, represented under the umbrella of this word are held in very high regard. That is to say, artists who take talent and flair from...

    • 20th century

      The Dreamlike, Queer Femme Paintings of Marie Laurencin

      By July 29, 2020

      Most art fans know the names of the male avant-garde artists in the early 1900s, but fewer people know of the women who mastered the craft. Marie Laurencin was one of those women. She created dreamy, surreal paintings...

    • Artist

      Five Artist Models You Should Know About

      By July 26, 2020

      Did you know that many well-known artworks were modeled on living figures? In fact, the real stories of these famous faces are often fascinating in their own right. Read below for an introduction to five fascinating...

    • Artists' Stories

      Sistine Chapel: Michelangelo, the Warrior Pope and God’s Bottom

      By July 15, 2020

      No, I am not indulging in casual profanity, in this painting we are actually looking at God’s bare bottom and it graces the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, courtesy of Michelangelo. When I gaze at this...

    • 21st century

      Pride in the Pandemic: Remembering Keith Haring, Our Rainbow Angel

      By June 30, 2020

      If life is a moving picture, then the current pandemic would be one of the darkest chapters. We are witnessing death, experiencing claustrophobia or alienation, and losing track of time. Today, living in such a dark...

    • 19th Century

      Empty Paintings of Quarantine

      By May 20, 2020

      We’ve all heard of the personalities who made history during quarantine: William Shakespeare wrote King Lear while in quarantine, Isaac Newton developed calculus and his theory of gravity while in quarantine, Giovanni Boccaccio wrote The Decameron...

    • Bodies And Erotic Art

      Richard Saltoun Gallery: Bodily Objects – Review

      By May 20, 2020

      Bodily Objects, curated by Philomena Epps, Richard Saltoun Gallery, London. 1.05.2020 – 30.06.2020, access online viewing room here. The business of an online exhibition is certainly very topical. You would be forgiven six weeks ago for...

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