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  • Pierre-Auguste Renoir Two Sisters (On the Terrace) Pierre-Auguste Renoir Two Sisters (On the Terrace)


    Painting of the Week: Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Two Sisters (On the Terrace)

    By April 7, 2019

    Today we present to you this beautiful painting by Renoir. It is known under two titles – the title Two Sisters (in French: Les Deux Sœurs) was given to the painting by the artist himself, and the title On the Terrace (Sur la terrasse) by its first...

  • Pierre-Auguste Renoir, The Theatre Box Pierre-Auguste Renoir, The Theatre Box

    Painting of the Week

    Pierre-Auguste Renoir, The Theatre Box

    By October 7, 2018

    Entertainments such as cabarets, theatres and the circus were popular themes among the Impressionist painters whose mission was portraying the modern city life. Theatre in Paris was a rapidly expanding industry during the 19th century where it was important to be seen. Hence it...

  • Renoir Restitution Renoir Restitution

    NYC Art Critic

    The Renoir Restitution — A Moving Experience in the Museum of Jewish Heritage

    By September 26, 2018

    Renoir painted Deux femmes dans un jardin / Two Women in a Garden in 1919, the last year of his life. By this time, the artist’s vision had been failing him. And his arthritis had made it difficult for him to hold a...

  • Artists' Stories

    When Art Hurts: The Story Of The French Painter Auguste Renoir

    By February 25, 2018

    Today we present the story of the French painter Auguste Renoir and we also wish him a happy birthday! His paintings are renowned for their light, their conspicuous brushstrokes and their pure beauty. Pierre-Auguste Renoir was born on this day, in 1841. The...

  • Impressionism

    Auguste Renoir – Two Young Girls at the Piano

    By October 8, 2017

    In late 1891 or early 1892 Renoir was invited by the French government to execute a painting for a new museum in Paris, the Musée du Luxembourg, which was to be devoted to the work of living artists. He chose as his...

  • Impressionism

    Watch Pierre-Auguste Renoir Painting

    By December 4, 2016

    In this unique film created a few years before his death, Pierre-Auguste Renoir is painting and smoking. During this period of his life, Renoir worked in constant pain due to severe rheumatoid arthritis, a condition that left him unable to walk, with a...

  • 20th century

    Why Should Renoir Be Reconsidered As An Art Master?

    By July 6, 2016

    Pierre-Auguste Renoir is considered to be one of the masters of the impressionist style. We all love and usually when we think of their works we see images like this: You know, calm, colorful and vibrating paintings of water, fields, cities. Subjects...

  • Art State of Mind

    How Artworks Can Suffer. The Forbidden City Case and More

    By January 30, 2020

    Recently, on Monday, January 20th, two Chinese women drove their Mercedes SUV into the Forbidden City in Beijing. That event created quite a controversy. The least you can say is that it is daring and very disrespectful towards the art site. This...

  • dailyart

    Hot Chocolate Paintings for a Cozy Evening

    By December 26, 2019

    Although December has been extremely warm this year I still crave a good old hot chocolate and a cozy evening under the blankets. The Gift for Strangers Chocolate means ‘Food of the Gods’ and although all social classes of ancient Mayan people...

  • 19th Century

    Winter in Paris: Gustave Caillebotte, Rooftops in the Snow

    By December 15, 2019

    You open your eyes to the early morning light filtering through your windows. You instantly feel the cold air of the bedroom as you see your warm breath rise in clouds above your bed. It is a cold winter’s morning as you...

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