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19th Century

The Nabis 101

By July 19, 2019

Multiple times I’ve told myself while writing other articles: “I finally have...

19th Century

Jan Matejko – the Painter of Polish History

By July 18, 2019

Jan Matejko (1838 – 1893) is one of the most famous Polish...

  • Museums And Exhibitions

    10 Paintings For Which You Will Love Ca’ Pesaro in Venice

    By November 17, 2016

    Tourists in Venice usually do a couple of typical things: they visit San Marco Cathedral and the Doge’s Palace, drink a glass of Aperol Spritz, sometimes have a gondola ride. But we have some good information for you – we’ve added...

  • 21st century

    Five Contemporary Artists On Instagram You Should Follow

    By November 16, 2016

    On Instagram you can find not only photos of people’s meals but also a few artsy jewels. Today we want to show you which of the recognized artists are active on social media and have Instagram accounts. 1....

  • dailyart

    Feeling Under The Weather? This Post Full Of Art Is The Best Medicine

    By November 15, 2016

    November is a month of runny noses, sniffing and coughing (at least in cold parts of Europe…). If you’re lying in bed with a fever, we have the best medicine for you: art! These paintings will accompany you...

  • Artists' Stories

    10 Things You Didn’t Know About Claude Monet

    By November 14, 2016

    On this day in 1840 Claude Monet, one of the main founders French Impressionist painting, and the most consistent and prolific practitioner of the movement’s philosophy was born. You may think that you know everything about Monet – he...

  • 21st century

    Camille Henrot’s Flower Library

    By November 13, 2016

    What would you take if you were going to move to the other side of the globe? French artist Camille Henrot apparently brought a little. But she was unwilling to turn her back on the past completely. When she...

  • 20th century

    John Singer Sargent, Gassed – Painting Of The Week

    By November 12, 2016

    Yesterday we were commemorating Remembrance Day. Also known as Armistice Day, it marks the day when World War One ended, at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, back in 1918. On this occasion, yesterday we presented the...

  • 20th century

    World War 1 – 5 Artists Who Became Soldiers

    By November 11, 2016

    Today we commemorate the anniversary of the end of the Great War. On this occasion we want to present you artists who experienced the trenches and hence pay our tribute to all souls who were lost in this...

  • 21st century

    Having A Post-Election Trauma? This Art Is For You

    By November 10, 2016

    Yesterday I felt that the only suitable subject for today’s post could be “Last Judgements in art” or “Depictions of the end of the world”. However, now I think that it’s better if I share with you paintings...

  • Middle Ages

    Dancing With Skeletons (Danse Macabre)

    By November 9, 2016

    Danse macabre – a weird dance of people and skeletons. You could think that it is some kind of a scene from a horror movie. But surprisingly, it is a medieval allegorical concept of the all-conquering and equalizing...

  • 21st century

    Paintings For The US Election Day 2016

    By November 8, 2016

    Remember, remember, the 8th of November… Uh, it’s today, that important date which is going to decide about the situation in the United States and subsequently in the entire world. To inspire those who are still hesitating whether to...

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