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Museums & Exhibitions

Painting Norway – Harald Sohlberg at Dulwich Picture Gallery

By March 22, 2019

Meet Harald Sohlberg (1869-1935), the creator of the “National Painting of Norway”....


Moondance. Full Moon in Painting

By March 21, 2019

This week sees the Vernal Equinox, when those of us who live...

  • 21st century

    East Meets West: The Landscape Paintings of Maki Na Kamura

    By February 8, 2019

    My first encounter with Maki Na Kamura’s art left me perplexed with what exactly the German-based, Japanese artist was intending to show her viewers in her paintings. Although I was confused by the subject matter of her paintings,...

  • 5 Best Art Books for 2019 5 Best Art Books for 2019


    5 Best Art Books for 2019. My Inspirational Reading List

    By February 7, 2019

    Every year, I create a new reading list that includes novels, non-fiction, and art books. Today, I am sharing with you my 2019 reading list of books related to art. Less is more- so I have included only...

  • 21st century

    Is AI Painting the Future of Art?

    By February 6, 2019

    The times change and technology becomes engrained deeper and deeper in all areas of our lives. Art is not spared either, last October we heard a controversial piece of news: for the first time in history, Christie’s auctioned...

  • Art State of Mind

    Intersection of Coffee and Creating: Coffee Shops and Their Purpose

    By February 5, 2019

    The actual art of coffee making has steadily been growing for years. We have surpassed and moved past instant coffee, on to specialty coffee shops and their frozen and blended coffee drinks, hot chocolates, and sweet recipes, and now...

  • Margherita Sarfatti at Museo del Novecento Margherita Sarfatti at Museo del Novecento

    Museums & Exhibitions

    Margherita Sarfatti at Museo del Novecento in Milan

    By February 4, 2019

    Margherita Sarfatti: Segni, colori e luci in Museo del Novecento in Milan is an exhibition devoted to the life of one of the most influential female figures in the history of the 20th-century Italian art. With the exhibition’s...

  • Painting of the Week

    Painting of the Week: Edouard Manet, The Railway

    By February 3, 2019

    In 1873 when this painting was created by the realist master Édouard Manet, the Gare Saint–Lazare was the largest and busiest train station in Paris. But here it is rather invisible. The main subject of the piece is the...

  • Cubism

    Aristarkh Lentulov’s Cubist Russia

    By February 2, 2019

    Recently I showed you views of typical wintery Russia by Korovin, which you can see here. Today we’ll see instead something out-of-ordinary. Although it’s always the same country, this time it’s seen in an avant-garde lens. I’m very...

  • Sculpture

    Into the Abyss: The Forgotten Pietro Canonica

    By February 1, 2019

    A prominent, famous and revered artist in his lifetime, Pietro Canonica has been relegated to the sidelines of Italian art history. Skilled and beautiful as it works were, his commissions from aristocracy and fascist governments caused him to...

  • Pop art

    Corita Kent: The pop art nun

    By January 31, 2019

    Corita Kent was an artist, an educator, and a Roman Catholic nun. She created bold, colourful pop art posters to confront social injustice. Poverty, racism and war were all the target of Kent’s exuberant artwork. She felt her...

  • Mr. Bacchus’ Tours

    The Writing on the Wall. Banksy’s Unauthorized Exhibition

    By January 30, 2019

    From when we wake up to when we go to sleep, one week over to the next, our lives line up in a series of routines and responsibilities, giving rhythm to our collective existence which is punctuated only...

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