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The enfant terrible of Renaissance Italian Art – 500 years of Tintoretto in Venice

By November 13, 2018

Tintoretto, the enfant terrible of Renaissance Italian Art has now his moment....

Delacroix at the Metropolitan

NYC Art Critic

The Majestic Paintings of Eugène Delacroix at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

By November 12, 2018

The rooms were dimly lit and majestic, and the paintings of Eugène...

  • Food

    Time For Tea in Paintings

    By October 12, 2018

    One of the highlights of autumn is that drinking hot drinks is no longer looked down on and ordering a big cup of steaming hot cocoa instead of an ice cold frappe is totally legit. While I was...

  • Charles White Retrospective Charles White Retrospective

    NYC Art Critic

    The Charles White Retrospective — Only the Beginning

    By October 11, 2018

    Charles White was a prolific artist. The retrospective exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, which opened on October 7 and will be on display until January 2019, not only demonstrates this; it also...

  • 20th century

    Wayne Thiebaud’s Sweet Paintings and Sharon Core’s Take on Them

    By October 10, 2018

    For centuries we have seen artists copying others’ work in order to learn how to draw correctly or to find out what style they want to follow. But what if in the 21st-century copying was used for another...

  • Gustav Klimt tree paintings Gustav Klimt tree paintings


    Gustav Klimt And His Love For Trees In Paintings

    By October 9, 2018

    Gustav Klimt, the greatest master of Vienna Secession is known for his golden paintings full of fantastic creatures, rich ornaments and beautiful women (who are often naked). But Klimt had also another, less known side called the Waldschrat–someone...

  • Colours of Pablo Picasso Colours of Pablo Picasso

    Mr. Bacchus’ Tours

    The Colours of Pablo Picasso

    By October 8, 2018

    What’s your favourite colour? Why? Have you ever tried to get to know someone better by asking this question? It can fill an awkward silence in a conversation, and to some, it can reveal a personality trait that allows...

  • Pierre-Auguste Renoir, The Theatre Box Pierre-Auguste Renoir, The Theatre Box

    Painting of the Week

    Pierre-Auguste Renoir, The Theatre Box

    By October 7, 2018

    Entertainments such as cabarets, theatres and the circus were popular themes among the Impressionist painters whose mission was portraying the modern city life. Theatre in Paris was a rapidly expanding industry during the 19th century where it was important to...

  • Elisabeth Frink 'Small Running Man' c.1986. Plaster and metal on plaster base. Tate Gallery, London. Image: Tate Elisabeth Frink 'Small Running Man' c.1986. Plaster and metal on plaster base. Tate Gallery, London. Image: Tate

    Women Artists

    First glances and second chances – how I learned to love Elizabeth Frink

    By October 6, 2018

    Statues by Elizabeth Frink litter the British landscape. Born in 1930, she was a Dame, a CBE, a Royal Academician and a Companion of Honour. She was lauded throughout her lifetime with hundreds of public commissions. Frink’s work...

  • Art Collection of Heidi Horten Art Collection of Heidi Horten

    20th century

    Two Billion Dollars and the Stunning Art Collection of Heidi Horten

    By October 5, 2018

    She met her husband in a hotel bar. She was 19, he was 32 years her senior and a founder of the fourth-largest German department store business, Horten AG. They got married, moved to Switzerland and lived together a...

  • dog dog


    Every Dog Has Its Day…

    By October 4, 2018

    No one will ever be as happy to see you coming back home as your dog. As they are always with us they do deserve their place in art. And they certainly have it, not only as companions...

  • Greek Stylistic Periods Greek Stylistic Periods

    Ancient Greece

    Some Things to Know about the Ancient Greek Stylistic Periods

    By October 3, 2018

    There are four general Ancient Greek stylistic periods. Different, note-worthy styles, influences from invading cultures and their lasting effects on the art of Ancient Greece characterize each period. *Below is a generalization of the major Ancient Greek stylistic periods.*...

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