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  • Start The Summer With Salvador Dalí

    By June 21, 2018

    Summer is officially on! If you’re still looking for a beach where to show your artsy bikini, or a Picasso-like beach body, maybe you’ll be tempted to start the summer with Salvador Dalí and his wife Gala, to...

  • The Erotic Drawings of Francesco Hayez [+18]

    By June 8, 2018

    The Venetian painter Francesco Hayez is considered a genius of historical romanticism. In addition to the quality and refinement of his artworks, he captured moments in which mythological, biblical, and historical characters seem to overlap with the real world...

  • 50 Shades Of Dr. Pozzi

    By June 2, 2018

    There he is, on a portrait painted by John Singer Sargent – Dr. Pozzi, a dandy, gynecologist and notorious womanizer. Extremely handsome, if he lived in the 20th century for sure he would become a celebrity. Standing in...

  • Why is Klimt Famous?

    By March 28, 2018

    Gustav Klimt, born in Austria in 1862, is celebrated as one of the most valued artists in the history of art. But, why is Klimt famous? Why exactly we value his work? and what role did he play...

  • History Of Medicine in Art, Collection Of Artworks At Wellcome Library in London

    By March 9, 2018

    London is a great place to be for the curious and inquisitive. Public museums, galleries and libraries are homes to a vast collection of wonderful objects that mark the history of knowledge, aesthetics and creativity. Wellcome Collection, situated...

  • Pretty Woman: Female Beauty And The Three Graces In Paintings

    By March 8, 2018

    Today is the International Women’ s Day and we, at DailyArt Magazine, have decided to celebrate this day with what we love most: art history! Our story begins with Greek mythology and three women who epitomized the ideal...

  • And it’s War! The Art Of The War Wounded

    By February 27, 2018

    Being an English teacher, so much of what I look at is linked to the literary world.  With the previous examination specification, we used to be able to do a series of war poems for examination that the students...

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