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  • The True Story Of American Gothic According to SNL

    By December 5, 2017

    If you ever wondered how famous paintings were created, how exactly looked the process of creation, setting up the sitters, choosing their poses… Here is the hilarious story behind the creation of the American Gothic which shows it wasn’t...

  • Looking For Hot Renaissance Boys?

    By June 20, 2017

    Then look no further! If you need a sight of some muscular bodies, don’t go to the beach this year, but book yourself a ticket to the Sistine Chapel where these hot Renaissance boys are waiting for you...

  • Loving Vincent The Movie Premieres Today

    By June 13, 2017

    Today, at Annecy Film Festival, Loving Vincent, a film impatiently expected by all art lovers around the world will have its premiere. By bringing to live Vincent van Gogh’s paintings, the film, which is the first fully painted feature...

  • Roy Lichtenstein’s Art Quiz For Every Art Historian

    By June 10, 2017

    Pop art is popping up again! Yet this time, it won’t at all reveal the mechanisms of the modern society with its mass product, celebrities and media hegemony. This time I want to show you that Pop Art,...

  • Cindy Sherman vs Old Masters

    By May 8, 2017

    Time for a little quiz for all those who consider themselves the experts in Old Masters! We will show you photographs made by Cindy Sherman, a contemporary American photographer, which reference famous portraits from art history. Ready? Untitled #224,...

  • Why Is She So Hairy? Iconography of Mary Magdalene

    By April 29, 2017

    I had always asked myself this question when I came across the Gothic or early Renaissance representations of Mary Magdalene such as this: WHY IS SHE SO HAIRY? We should start the story from the beginning: Mary Magdalene...

  • Are You Into Illusions? Oops, It’s Op Art again!

    By April 22, 2017

    Ever been to an optometrist? Then you probably know these graphic cards which check whether you are colour blind. I remember how stressed I always felt to do them right. Well, Op Art, that is Optical Art, may...

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