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  • New Year’s Fireworks in Painting

    By December 31, 2018

    Bonfires, parties, or reading in bed. Ideas for how one should spend New Year’s Eve are endless, and everyone should spend it the way they like. Probably most of like to watch fireworks at midnight, but all pet-owners...

  • Twelve Days of Christmas in Art

    By December 27, 2018

    “Twelve Days of Christmas” is probably one of the best known Christmas carols in English speaking countries. It lists the gifts received from ‘my true love’ between the Christmas Day and the Twelfth Night. Here you can see...

  • Boxing Day with St Stephen

    By December 26, 2018

    According to the Catholic calendar, the second day of Christmas commemorates St Stephen, a young deacon of the community of Jerusalem who became the first martyred in the name of Jesus, a fact recounted in Acts 7. Let’s...

  • Most Beautiful Adorations of the Shepherds for Christmas

    By December 25, 2018

    Past Christmases we showed you Nativity scenes, wintery landscapes, or even Andy Warhol’s Christmas trees. This year I want to show you paintings which instead of focusing on Baby Jesus, make the real protagonists the shepherds who come...

  • Fish Paintings For Christmas Eve Dinners

    By December 24, 2018

    In many cultures, Christmas Eve dinner does not include any meat or alcohol because one should keep a vigil fasting and expecting the feastings of Christmas Day. So in anticipation of a lot of food that many of...

  • The Art Behind the Image of Santa Claus

    By December 6, 2018

    Various illustrated depictions of the old St. Nicholas, bishop of Myra, have existed for centuries bringing to life his story. Yet, in the end, only one picture spread across different cultures to fix the image of the holiday icon we...

  • All You Need to Know About Thanksgiving Turkey Preparation – With Pictures!

    By November 22, 2018

    Happy Thanksgiving! Have the most enjoyable time with your family and friends celebrating this holiday season! Whether you will enjoy turkey or something else, we hope it will be a special time! Catch a turkey Of course, the...

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