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  • The Real Story of the Goddess Gifs

    By January 27, 2018

    People are going crazy over these goddess gifs – twenty-four ancient female statues shaking what their mothers gave them. Artist Nina Paley created the gifs for one of her projects (you can see them here). They’re fun, clever, and a bit inappropriate, so it’s...

  • What Edouard Manet and Saint Francis have in common?

    By January 24, 2018

    Edouard Manet once remarked: “I should like to be the Saint Francis of still life”. While the comparisons between Manet and Saint Francis may not be immediately obvious, in some ways, Manet did achieve his goal. Both Manet and...

  • Epiphany Quizzed: What Do You Know?

    By January 6, 2018

    Epiphany had been a popular subject in painting already in the Middle Ages, yet it became a topos during the Renaissance when each respected painter produced at least one adoration scene (per year, hihi). We probably are used...

  • Watch Sister Wendy Commenting Mark Rothko

    By December 28, 2017

    Sister Wendy is an institution. She is a British hermit, consecrated virgin, and art historian who became well known internationally during the 1990s when she presented a series of documentaries for the BBC on the history of art....

  • Power, Victory, Glory and Death: Titian’s Art in Venice

    By December 7, 2017

    Titian Vecellio was the most famous painter of the Venetian Renaissance. Even during his lifetime the artist has been acclaimed as the greatest painter of his age and achieved great financial success, so that his paintings could be...

  • Do You Know Your Saints? A Quiz With Saintly Attributes

    By November 3, 2017

    How well do you know your Christian iconography? All Saints is over but it’s never too late for a little quiz! Are you able to recognize saints by their attributes? The answers are below the paintings, so don’t...

  • All Saints Day In Famous Paintings

    By November 2, 2017

    All Saints Day, celebrated yesterday is also known as Hallowmas or Feast of All Saints. Occurring on November 1st of each year, it is a significant religious date in the calendar celebrated by Christians in memory of those...

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