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  • Jeff Koons And His Balloon Dogs

    By January 21, 2018

    On this day in 1955 one of the most controversial artists of 20th century was born. Jeff Koons is the artist who blended the concerns and methods of Pop, Conceptual, and appropriation art with craft-making and popular culture...

  • The Story of Velvet Underground & Nico Andy Warhol Cover

    By January 3, 2018

    Today we will be talking about Andy Warhol and his famous banana cover of The Velvet Underground & Nico debut album by the Velvet Underground. Released in March 1967 the album was recorded in 1966 while the band...

  • Why Did Andy Warhol Love Christmas?

    By December 19, 2017

    Who would guess that Andy Warhol, one of the most decadent artists of the 20th century, the owner of the controversial Factory leading a scandalous life, loved Christmas? Well, he did. A loooot. Warhol’s parents came from the...

  • Marilyn in Art: The Essence of a Goddess

    By August 23, 2017

    Marilyn Monroe: the most photographed woman in the world!  Glamour, cheesecake, publicity, nude, candid- she was captured on film and on fans’ cameras, by professionals, and by amateurs too who all were looking to find the essence of...

  • 7 Pop Art Masterpieces You Can See Outside US

    By June 23, 2017

    Well, Pop Art is mostly an US thing. It’s nothing bad, but it means that for the art lovers from other continents it’s way harder to find a Warhol or other Lichtenstein hanging on a local museum’s wall....

  • Roy Lichtenstein’s Art Quiz For Every Art Historian

    By June 10, 2017

    Pop art is popping up again! Yet this time, it won’t at all reveal the mechanisms of the modern society with its mass product, celebrities and media hegemony. This time I want to show you that Pop Art,...

  • Jackie Kennedy- Andy Warhol’s Modern Madonna

    By March 13, 2017

    The Oscars inspired me to watch the latest film about Jackie Kennedy directed by Pablo Larrain and starring Natalie Portman: While I was watching, my thoughts ran to one of the most famous, partly for its controversial nature,...

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