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  • Why Was Matisse Obsessed With Goldfish?

    By June 29, 2018

    Goldfish here, goldfish there, in a bowl, in a tank, on a table, by the window, goldfish everywhere. Having been looking at Matisse’s work recently, I realized there was a period in which Matisse was obsessed with goldfish....

  • Start The Summer With Salvador Dalí

    By June 21, 2018

    Summer is officially on! If you’re still looking for a beach where to show your artsy bikini, or a Picasso-like beach body, maybe you’ll be tempted to start the summer with Salvador Dalí and his wife Gala, to...

  • See Alexander Calder’s Unique Jewellery

    By June 16, 2018

    Alexnder Calder is one of my favorite sculptors, his mobiles are so light and simple and yet stunning with serene beauty. However, today I won’t write about them but about  jewellery pieces he would make for his wife...

  • World Cup Opening Game with LS Lowry

    By June 11, 2018

    The FIFA World Cup begins in Russia on Thursday! Whether you’re fans of football, or you get bored watching the telly, it’s always fun to get carried away by the sport spirit, cheering for a favorite team. To...

  • The Story Of “Girl At Mirror” By Norman Rockwell

    By May 31, 2018

    “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who in the land is fairest of all?” How many times have we repeated this phrase from a well-known fairy tale? The girl at a mirror by Norman Rockwell would certainly be a contestant...

  • Fernando Botero’s Guide to Colombian History and Culture

    By May 30, 2018

    The Most Colombian of Colombian Artists New York City. Barcelona, Bilbao, and Madrid. Paris, France. Goslar and Bamberg, Germany. Vaduz, Lichtenstein.  Jerusalem, Israel and Yerevan, Armenia. Singapore. These are only some of the cities where Fernando Botero’s easily...

  • Pictures On My Wall – The Art Of Polish Film Posters

    By May 29, 2018

    The emergence of the poster as a fresh, creative medium was a timely episode in an unfolding age of consumer expendability. In an era of conveyor belt duplication, the twentieth century became an epoch dominated by advertising imagery. During...

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