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  • Legend of Proserpine by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

    By January 5, 2018

    Works of the famous Pre-Raphaelite artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti often resonate with his personal experiences in life and love. Especially, the lush portraits of the larger-than-life goddesses were often inspired by the women who had the biggest significance...

  • Women in Rossetti’s Life and Art

    By December 27, 2017

    Anyone who is reminded of Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood will remember their style by the representation of a very particular type of women – the ones with angular facial features, prominent jawline, straight nose, voluminous hair – the type of...

  • Beyond Madame X: Portraits by John Singer Sargent

    By November 4, 2017

    John Singer Sargent is one of art history’s most famous portrait painters. He was born in Italy to American parents and received his formal artistic training in Paris, where he quickly became successful at the all-important annual Salon....

  • Manchester Is Safe With Ford Maddox Brown

    By May 25, 2017

    I want to honour the victims of the Manchester attack by sharing with you a very little known series of murals hosted by the Manchester City Council, executed by a Pre-Raphaelites painter, Ford Maddox Brown, which portray the history of the city...

  • If You Love Pre-Raphaelite Art You Must Know This Museum

    By March 22, 2017

    For all Pre-Raphaelite fans England is an obvious pilgrimage site. But United States has also something great to offer. Delaware Art Museum in the city of Wilmington has long boasted the largest and most significant collection of Pre-Raphaelite...

  • Symbolism in Victorian Art

    By February 9, 2017

    Symbolism, in the late 19th century, came out of the romantic movement and explored the meanings of forms, lines, shapes and colour, drawing on such literary genres as mythology and subjects such as dreams and nightmares, religion, life...

  • Bible According To Blake

    By October 5, 2016

    William Blake, an English Romantic poet, painter and printmaker, was commissioned around 80 works with biblical subjects by his patron Thomas Butts, a civil servant. His own interpretations of the famous scenes from the Bible are penetrated with spirituality,...

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