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  • Murder on the Canvas: How artists portray the ultimate taboo

    By December 18, 2017

    To quote the novelist, Aldous Huxley, “It takes two to make a murder. There are born victims, born to have their throats cut, as the cut-throats are born to be hanged” and if we look at the way...

  • Wyndham Lewis: Life, Art, War

    By November 30, 2017

    “Vorticism, in fact, was what I, personally, did and said at a certain period” Here speaketh the 20th century’s most spoiled, narcissist visionary, Percy Wyndham Lewis.  The self-described “novelist, painter, sculptor, philosopher, draughtsman, critic, politician, journalist, essayist, pamphleteer”...

  • I Modi: History of Erotic Art (NSFW)

    By November 10, 2017

    Have you ever heard of I Modi (The Positions)? Also known as The Sixteen Pleasures or under the Latin title De omnibus Veneris Schematibus, is a famous erotic book of the Italian Renaissance in which a series of...

  • William Hogarth – Marriage à-la-mode

    By October 17, 2017

    The 18th century British painter William Hogarth created an insightful series of paintings about the arranged marriages of his times, entitled Marriage à-la-mode. William Hogarth – Marriage à-la-mode – takes us into the unholy world of love affairs...

  • Carousels, Roundabouts, Merry-Go-Rounds in Art…All the Fun of the Fair

    By October 10, 2017

    The carousel, roundabout or Merry-Go-Round, has a long history stemming back to the time of the crusades and was used as a method of training for combat, with riders galloping in circles throwing balls to one another.  Eventually,...

  • Big Mr Sunshine: Portraits of Louis XIV

    By October 3, 2017

    September is a month of Louis XIV: he was born on the 5th and died on the 1st September. He was definitely a great arts patron but sadly a ‘slightly’ less great king. However, that didn’t stop him to...

  • Meet Madame de Pompadour, The Queen of Arts in Portraits

    By September 16, 2017

    Elvis Presley’s famous hairstyle was called after her, a French champagne glass is believed to have been modelled after her breast, and according to the legend, the ‘marquise cut’ diamond was commissioned to resemble the shape of her...

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